Rug Settlers Rug Pins Designed For Thick Overlay Pack of 6 Rug Anchors Secure a thick Rug Over a Regular Rug Anti Slip Pins for mats Runners Plastic Sheets and Throws

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Brand: Wise Linkers

Color: Transparent Top With Black Metallic Pins


  • These settlers are used where the thickness of the overlay rug is more than half an inch
  • Please see the picture before purchasing this product. These settlers are advised where your overlay rug is thicker than half an inch and not more than one inch. 
  • Designed to secure the rugs in position while placed over a carpet or a mat
  • These pins actually runs from the top rug to the underlying carpet and keep the both along with each other
  • The top portion is contoured according to the fingers to offer more grip while pushing it
  • Large rounded margins make it user friendly and clear surface makes it less visible.

Details: Rug Settler Slip Resistant Anchor Pins to secure a rug or sheet over a carpet A product that is needed in every household where footsteps get caught against the rugs placed over a carpet or mat. Rug Settler can be used in homes, offices, cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.  We suggest securing a plastic sheet with "Rug Settlers" over an automobile carpet to protect against rainwater, mud, and dust. The "Rug Settler" top is designed with the rounded margins to make it user-friendly. The Clear top surface makes it virtually invisible while in place.

IF YOUR RUG IS TOO THICK or with the acrylic base and "rug settlers" needle is unable to pass through it, you can hold the needle portion with a nose plier and press it firmly. You can also make the tip a little hot to pierce it easily through the acrylic base of the carpet. If still unable to pierce, do not use it and return it.

DO NOT USE this product if there is a danger of kids who can pull it out and get injured although it gets firmly engage and not easily pulled out. 

Do NOT USE this product if there is a danger of elders who can still get caught their feet against it or hit it and fell down. Although its thickness over the rug is 2.5mm that is only one-tenth of an inch.  

If you are unhappy with our product, you can get a full refund.

 Please read it before purchasing this product.  If the thickness of overlay ranges from 0.5" to 1" (ideal 0.75") and thickness of underlay is also 0.25 inch, these settlers would work fine and will fit in well.  If you feel a buldge after inseting these pins either pin is not inserted properly or total thickness of underlay and overlay (thickness of the both the layers) is less than 1 inch. In this case do not use these settlers and order for our regular settlers.