How to Insert The Rug Settler?

The primary goal of this product is to secure a rug over a carpet. When a rug is laid down over a carpet, it starts catching the footsteps and may cause people to trip. These pins are designed in a way that the top flat portion sits on the surface of overlay (rug) and the first 0.5 inch of the wire underneath passes through the overlay vertically. After the first bend to the second bend passes through the underlay (carpet) at an angle of 45 and rest of the portion of wire sits under the underlay.  See the picture



  1. Lift up the overlay rug approximately three inches.
  2. Hold the top transparent part of the settler using thumb and fingers from opposing sides
  3. Push the pins of the settlers vertically in the overlay rug, piercing through the overlay.
    • You can also use nose pliers to hold the prongs and push it vertically down firmly.
    • Some of our customers also recommended heating up the sharp tip to easily pierce specially for the synthetic rugs.

Note: Do not pierce the rug at an angle (diagonally). 

  1. For the underlay carpet, locate the place where the prongs of your settler will pass through and mark it.
  2. Pierce the underlay carpet an inch away from the marked area using another rug settler.
  3. Once the second settler engages the carpet, change its position from vertical to the horizontal. This will raise the carpet, thus allowing enough space for the first rug settler to pierce through.
  4. Using the first settler pierce the underlay carpet on the marked area, which is raised up by the second settler.
  5. Once the first settler has pierced, push it all the way to secure it in its final position.
    1. To avoid tripping hazard, make sure it is pushed all the way.
  6. Now remove the second settler

Point to consider

Make sure the combined thickness of overlay and underlay do not exceed a total thickness of 1 inch, as our rug settlers work best for that thickness.

If the thickness of overlay 0.75 inch and thickness of underlay is also 0.25 inch, these settlers would work fine and will fit in well If the thickness of the both the layers is less than 1 inch, it will not fit in well and will give a bulge. If the thickness of both the layers is more than one inch, use our other product “Rug settlers for thick rugs”.

What is the best place to use these settlers?

Placing three pins at each corner, horizontally vertically and diagonally works well most of the time. Please watch the area that is caught by the steps often and place another settler there.


Here are some pictures from our satisfied customers