Rug Display Racks

We Offer Freestanding Rug Display Rack with Custom Designs


We understand that most rug display stores have space and design limitations, and may have their own preferences. Similarly, newly opening showrooms may have a specific theme in color and ambience that can affect the design of the display stands. To make the process simple, we have streamlined it into three easy steps:

  1. Knowing your requirements: You will fill out an online form to let us know your exact requirements. Our team will work on it to come up with a solution and suggestion.
  2. Explaining the details: Once we come up with a solution, a team member will contact you to discuss it in detail. This will include a comprehensive explanation of the plan, time required, and an overview of the expenses of fabricating.
  3. Sending you updates: We can send you pictures or videos during the manufacturing process as per your requirements.

Terms of payment: We will send you an invoice and require full payment in advance to start working. Shipping charges will be billed to you at the time of delivery.