The primary goal of this product is to secure a rug or a runner over a carpet. When a rug is laid down over a carpet, it starts catching the footsteps and may cause people to trip. These pins are designed in a way that the top at portion sits on the surface of overlay.  Read More…

Hanging animal hides for the ornamental display has always been an issue for those who care the hides. Most of the hides are displayed on a wooden board and need their vacuum cleaning over time. People have been trying to hang the hides with the thumbtacks and pins and that sometimes works well. Whenever you … Read More

The rug hanging clips are deformed because of the following reasons

1) Neglecting the weight to clip ratio.

2) At the time of hanging and removing the rugs from the arm when you leave more load on few clips. A good solution of this problem is, roll the rug over the arm half and half, then attach the clips on the desired locations and then roll it back gently until the clips get closer to the arm and then engage it on the arm quickly.

It depends upon the weight and size of the rug. A 12×18 feet rug with a thickness of 5mm generally weighs around 60 pounds. A rug of this size needs 4 Standard Rug Clips to hang on an arm. To calculate the weight of a 5mm thick rug, a simple formula is every square inch weighs 0.04 Ounce. For standard sized rugs, a general formula is, for every 50 square…Click Here