Rug Settlers Rug Pins Pack of 6 Rug Anchors Secure a Rug Over a Rug Anti Slip Pins for mats Runners Plastic Sheets and Throws

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Brand: Wise Linkers

Color: Transparent Top With Black Metallic Pins


  • Make sure the combined thickness of overlay and underlay do not exceed a total thickness of 1 inch, as this size of rug settlers works best for that thickness. If the thickness of the overlay rug is more than half an inch and up to one inch, you should buy our other product. Click here for that
  • Designed to secure the rugs in position while placed over a carpet or a mat
  • These pins run from the top rug to the underlying carpet and keep them together.
  • The top portion is contoured according to the fingers to offer more grip while pushing it.
  • Large rounded margins make it user-friendly, and a transparent surface makes it less visible.

Rug Settler Slip Resistant Anchor Pins to secure a rug or sheet over a carpet

Rug settlers are needed in every household where there is a danger of tripping over rugs.
Rug Settler can be used in homes, offices, cars, trucks, RVs, and boats.
We suggest securing a plastic sheet with "Rug Settlers" over an automobile carpet to protect against rainwater, mud, and dust.
The "Rug Settler" top is designed with rounded margins to make it user-friendly. The Clear top surface makes it virtually invisible while in place.


There is a danger of kids pulling it out and getting injured, although it gets firmly engaged and not easily pulled out.
There is a danger of elders who can trip if rug settlers are not installed correctly. Although its thickness over the rug is 2.5mm, that is only one-tenth of an inch.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the combined thickness of overlay and underlay do not exceed a total thickness of 1 inch, as our rug settlers work best for that thickness. If the thickness of the overlay is 0.75 inches and the thickness of the underlay is 0.5 inches, these settlers would not work well and give you a buldge. Please see the picture below.

How to Insert the Rug Settler?

The primary goal of this product is to secure a rug over a carpet. When a rug is laid down over a carpet, it may starts catching the footsteps and may cause people to trip. These pins are designed in a way that the top flat portion sits on the surface of overlay (rug) and the first 0.5 inch of the wire underneath passes through the overlay vertically. After the first bend to the second bend passes through the underlay (carpet) at an angle of 45 and rest of the portion of wire sits under the underlay.  See the picture


  1. Lift up the overlay rug approximately three inches.
  2. Hold the top transparent part of the settler using thumb and fingers from opposing sides
  3. Push the pins of the settlers vertically in the overlay rug, piercing through the overlay.
    • You can also use nose pliers to hold the prongs and push it vertically down firmly.
    • Some of our customers also recommended heating up the sharp tip to pierce, especially for the synthetic rugs quickly.

Note: Do not pierce the rug at an angle (diagonally). 

  1. For the underlay carpet, locate the place where the prongs of your settler will pass through and mark it.
  2. Pierce the underlay carpet an inch away from the marked area using another rug settler.
  3. Once the second settler engages the carpet, change its position from vertical to horizontal. This will raise the carpet, thus allowing enough space for the first rug settler to pierce through.
  4. Using the first settler, pierce the underlay carpet on the marked area raised by the second settler.
  5. Once the first settler has pierced, push it all the way to secure it in its final position.
    1. To avoid tripping hazards, make sure it is pushed all the way.
  6. Now remove the second settler

Point to consider

Make sure the combined thickness of overlay and underlay do not exceed a total thickness of 1 inch, as our rug settlers work best for that thickness.

If the thickness of overlay 0.75 inch and thickness of underlay is also 0.25 inch, these settlers would work fine and will fit in well If the thickness of the both the layers is less than 1 inch, it will not fit in well and will give a bulge. If the thickness of both the layers is more than one inch, use our other product “Rug settlers for thick rugs”.

What is the best place to use these settlers?

Placing three pins at each corner, horizontally vertically and diagonally works well most of the time. Please watch the area that is caught by the steps often and place another settler there.


Here are some pictures from our satisfied customers



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  • 5
    No more carpet drift!

    Posted by CERyan on 11th Nov 2021

    I tried everything to keep our area rug from creeping with the grain on our wall to wall carpet. I bought expensive carpet underlays, carpet tape, and nailing down the corners, with no luck. These work. They don't look the nicest due to the large clear square head and if stepped on bare footed, you can hurt your feet, but I installed them 2 weeks ago and haven't had to lift up and move the rug a few times a week. The reason I gave them 4 stars on value, is because they are expensive to me for 6 pins. But they do work. I only put them on the one end to stop carpet drift. We'll see how long they last.

  • 5
    Works great, but takes lots of elbow grease to install!

    Posted by TMK on 11th Nov 2021

    These are the first thing I’ve found that actually work to keep a rug from moving on carpet! We’ve bought SEVERAL products before this one and none kept the rug still. I have to say, the other reviews about them being difficult to install are correct. They are very hard to get into both rug and carpet thoroughly. If they are not pushed all the way in, they will be raised up and a tripping hazard. You will “feel” when they have actually gone all the way through and they sit flush with the rug too. Great product overall!

  • 5
    Works great to hold rug in place

    Posted by Brad on 11th Nov 2021

    I just love to find a product that provides a solution to a problem and these rug pins certainly do. We had a rug on carpet that was constantly sliding and bunching up. I did not want to try carpet tape because of the mess it would leave behind. I was ready to nail the carpet down even though I knew nails would probably result in the carpet ripping. These pins do exactly as they say - they are well designed. It takes some force to stick them through the rug and carpet. Do be aware that you see the shiny plastic top of the pins - it's slightly unsightly but well worth the trade off - because now the carpet is flat and in place and that looks even better.

  • 5
    Pricey but A+ Solution for Carpet Rugs on Carpet

    Posted by Megan M on 11th Nov 2021

    This product is AMAZING and exactly what I was looking for. I purchased a few carpet runners to place over carpet in high traffic ares. The runner would slowly slide to one side of the hall creating a huge trip hazard as well as I was getting tired of moving the runner to the center every two days. I searched through a lot of product listings and came across the rug anchors. You have to push them through the runner or rug then into your main carpet - while lifting up on both carpets you can angle the hook to tuck under and lay flat. It is really cool though took a few tries and reviews of the directions to get the hang of it. The rugs are so stable and the rug anchors lay very flat and are barley visible. Such a great solution with no need for messy glues, tapes or additional mesh under the rug. Overall - the anchors are a bit price for just 6 anchors. Wish there was a large pack size with a bit of a discount. Again - a bit pricey but a solid and reusable solution to prevent rugs on carpet from moving, bunching, sliding, etc. I love these :)

  • 4
    Works great if installed correctly

    Posted by bobsayshello on 11th Nov 2021

    I can see why there are many bad reviews for this product. It is not easy to install correctly, since it requires placement at a very precise angle to sit flush and some strong hands to wedge the hooks into the carpet. You have to think about what direction the hooks should go in based on foot traffic of the rug to make sure they don't pop out from being pulled in the opposite direction of the hooks. I also found that lifting/wiggling the carpet during installation to make sure that the hooks didn't pierce the subfloor was essential for getting them to sit flush. All in all, they work great once they're in. If installed correctly, they should not at all be a tripping hazard. If anything, they sit lower than the rug itself and are barely visible.

  • 5
    Does the Trick!

    Posted by Marla on 11th Nov 2021

    There is a learning curve to install them but once you lock them in they hold your carpet in place. The key is to get the spikes all the way down to the foundation cement, angle them so they are parallel to the floor and then step on them to sort of lock them in. They did the trick for me. I can even vacuum the rug without issue. I’ve had them installed for several months without an issue.

  • 5
    Works well.

    Posted by JessicaR on 11th Nov 2021

    The shiny clear plastic is pretty obviously not part of the rug but having super glued some felt (matching the color of the rug) to the top they became nearly invisible. If they are in a well-trodden area of the rug you will notice the hard spots and they don't lay perfectly flat but they have kept my wandering rugs in place on the carpet for a few months now.

  • 5
    Really can’t go wrong with this excellent designed product

    Posted by YQ on 11th Nov 2021

    I found it cheaper and quality is good. I did not have any problem in piercing it through the two layers. The tip was too sharp. I first pierced it down, when it passed through both the layers, I pressed it an angle and it slipped all the way down and got locked in its position. I do not think it is that easy to pull it out by a kid. I also found it well seated and a little low from the rug level and I am sure it will not obstruct the walking. I watched it when moving the Hoover on it ….no problem. I am happy with this product. Well made and less visible.

  • 5
    I’d definitely buy again if I needed to

    Posted by Denise on 11th Nov 2021

    These are the ONLY things that work on my ‘rug to carpet’ problem. You have to dig the forks into the rug and carpet together. There’s the potential for damage. But there’s a major pitfall...even laying flat, the plastic tops are easy to trip over or just stub your toes. Oweeee. But these mostly (carpet to rug tacks) keep me safe. It’s better than tripping over the rug. UPDATE: The tacks allow the rug to move a bit, but I think the poor quality of my apartment carpet doesn’t allow for a strong grip. The tacks have to be adjusted occasionally Recently the plastic on the tacks have broken. I think this may be because the tacks can’t lay totally flat and can’t tolerate being struck by anything but I will order more of these because they’re the only type of tack that works on rug-to-carpet grip. I have to orient all houseguests to be careful not to trip on them. They can be dangerous.

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