Long Rug Hanging Clips Heavy Duty Rug Holders/Rug Hangers Rug Clamps Rug Grippers Pack of 6

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We designed these clips after studying the market demand for stong clips that can be engaged on a variety of hangers. You can hang these clips on a nail or screw or thin rod, thin string, metal or wooden round or square rod.


  • Specially designed long hook at the back to engage a variety of arm types.
  • Strongly built design that can hold large rugs. Large sized rugs can be easily hanged with these clips.
  • Strong alligator Jaws are design to offer a strong grip and do not damage to the rugs
  • The rectangular base is to hold the rectangular rod of 1"X1" display stand.
  • Number of clips required depends upon the weight of the rug.
  • High quality Chrome finished surface. We are the manufacturers and offer design modifications.

Details: Long Rug Hanging Clips FROM WISE LINKERS are Heavy duty strong clips for hanging rugs, quilts, and heavy blankets. The clips are 5 inches long with a wide opening that can be engaged even ona screw or nail. The jaws are strong enough to hold the heavy load of rugs The size of top portion of the clip is 1.25"X1.75". Heigh of Clip is 1.1 inch. Blunt alligator jaws hold well and do not damage the rug. The top portion actually locks the jaw. It can be screwed in the ceiling or can be attached over a rectangular rod of 1'X1". Hanging part has a hole to screw it to the underlying rod or any other surface. It is a steel made product with the chrome finish. We are the manufacturer and can offer bulk supplies with design modifications.