Rug Clips Extra Heavy Duty Wide Opening for Thick SHAG Rugs 4 Pcs Rug Hangers WISE LINKERS

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Brand: wise linkers

Color: Chrome


  • Very strong Extra Heavy Duty Wide opening and alligator jaw grip. ideal for heavy weight rugs.
  • The rectangular base is one unit and very strong and resistant to deformity.
  • Holding jaws are wider in opening and width and stronger to catch the wide area that reduces the chances of damage of rug.
  • The clips locks when it engage the rug,, this quality makes it durable.
  • The size is better than the other brands in the market and weight is more than the others. This quality makes it very long lasting.

Details: Rug Clips Extra Heavy Duty Wide Opening for Shag Rugs Shag rugs are heavier in weight, easily deform the regular clips. We designed it strongest in the market because of the customer demand ¾ of an inch alligator jaw opening is enough to engage a shag rug. The basal sheet that bears the whole load is designed in one piece instead of the joint that you see in other clips. This quality made this design much more resistant to deformity. The metal sheet of clips is thicker and stronger than the others.  The size of the top portion of the clip is 2.25" X1.50" that is much wider than the regular clips and offer more area to grip. The top portion locks the jaw only when it is holding the rug. This quality makes the clips durable and rugged.