Wall Clips Matte Black Smart Design for Rug Hanging and Animal Hide Hanging (Pack of 6) Rug Grippers/Rug Clips/Rug Hangers from Wise Linkers

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Brand: Wise Linkers

Color: Matte Black


  • PACK OF 6 HEAVY DUTY CLIPS that is used to display rugs or animal hides, deer hides or buffalo hides on the wall.
  • The base is provided with a sticking tape. Once you stick it on the wall at the desired angle, just screw it and hang the RUGS OR ANIMAL HIDES. These clips are also used to keep the RUG OR HIDE stretched on the ground.
  • Strong alligator Jaws are designed to offer a strong grip.
  • No rod or stand is required to hang the rug or hide, you just have to screw the clip in the wall with the provided screws.
  • You can also use these clips at any angle from the sides. Matte black finished surface. Size is 1.25"X1.75".

Details: WALL CLIPS for RUG HANGIN OR ANIMAL HIDE HANGING FROM WISE LINKERS Heavy duty strong clips for hanging rugs, quilts, and animal hides. The jaws are strong enough to hold the heavy load of rugs or hides. The size of the top portion of the clip is 25"X1.75". The height of Clip is 1.1 inch. The top portion actually locks the jaw. It can be screwed to the wall or ceiling with a pair of the screw. WALCLIPS can be screwed at any angle from the sides or top or bottom of the rug or hide. It is a steel made product with the matte black finish. We are the manufacturer and can offer bulk supplies with design modifications. Any suggestion, especially for hide hanging, are warmly welcomed.