Hanging Clips Pack of 10 Chrome Triangle Back Medium Power for Tapestry Small Rugs, Towel, Shawl and Paintings

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Brand: Wise Linkers

Color: Chrome Plated


  • It is designed to hang small size tapestry, rugs, towels, shawls, plastic sheets or vinyl tiles.
  • Ideal clips for shop keeper to display their light weight products.
  • It is chrome plated, polished steel products with a triangular wire at the back to engage the screw or nail.

Details: Small Hanging Clips for tapestry, pictures, small rugs, towels, shawls, plastic sheets or vinyl tiles.  These clips are used to hang lightweight small items. In the commercial display, these are mostly used to display towels, shawls, tapestry and other ornamental display clothes or bed sheets. In-house use, people are using it to display tapestry, ornamental rugs, vintage rugs, and picture frames. It is recommended to hang these on a screw or nail in the wall and the other end is engaged to the picture or shawl. The size of top portion of the clip is 1"X0.75". The three alligator jaws width is 0.75" and they are designed to bear the load of light weight rugs, towels, Kilim and tapestry. The top portion actually locks the jaw. It can be hanged over a heavy string, metal rod or wooden sheet of 0.5".