Soft Rug Clips for Thin Delicate Rugs, Animal Skin Hanging, Rugs Rubber Sheet Quilts Vinyl Tiles

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Brand: wise linkers

Color: Chrome

  • For thin and delicate rugs, quilts and canvases
  • Canvas hangings of painting and other art works
  • plastic and rubber sheets
  • Soft animal skins that slips out from the other clips


Key Features:


The rubber pads are designed at the holding edge, and the whole compression at the two flexible soft rubber pads is derived from the metallic body of the clip.
The width of each rubber pad (36mm or 1.40 inches) offers enough area to grip the rugs and resist slipping out.
The size of the top portion of the clip is 2.25" X1.50" that is wider than the regular clips, and offer more area to grip.