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Brand: Wiselinkers

Color: Chrome


  • Strongly built design that can hold large rugs. Large sized rugs can be easily hanged with these clips.
  • Strong alligator Jaws are design to offer a strong grip and do not damage to the rugs
  • The rectangular base is to hold the rectangular rod of 1"X1" display stand.
  • Number of clips required depends upon the weight of the rug.
  • High quality Chrome finished surface. We are the manufacturers and offer design modifications.

Details: Heavy Duty Rug Hanging Clips FROM WISE LINKERS Heavy duty strong clips for hanging rugs, quilts, and heavy blankets. The jaws are strong enough to hold the heavy load of rugs The size of top portion of the clip is 1.25"X1.75". Heigh of Clip is 1.1 inch. Blunt alligator jaws hold well and do not damage the rug. The top portion actually locks the jaw. It can be screwed in the ceiling or can be attached over a rectangular rod of 1'X1". Hanging part has a hole to screw it to the underlying rod or any other surface. It is a steel made product with the chrome finish. We are the manufacturer and can offer bulk supplies with design modifications.


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  • 5
    Item as described

    Posted by TillLill on 11th Nov 2021

    Perfect item for my professional use. I highly recommend these.

  • 5
    Works as expected

    Posted by Joe Shopper on 11th Nov 2021

    They work exactly as expected. I got a 1×1 strip of wood from home depot, and put a couple if layers of varnish on it. I screwed it to the wall (into studs) and placed a thick piece of felt pad between the wood and wall to leave space for the clips. This also limits damage to the wall to just a few small screw holes should I wish to move it in the future.

  • 5
    5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT FOR HOLDING RUGS TO CLEAN!

    Posted by Billies on 11th Nov 2021

    I bought these to mount on my back fence to hang my living room rugs on so my husband could use his power washer on them to clean them. They work great! One rug is a runner, the other one is 4ft x 8ft long, then I have one 4ft x 5ft. I have left them out to dry and sun bleach them on a windy day and they still held up.

  • 5
    Strong, Hold Well, No Slippage

    Posted by RogerPasadena on 11th Nov 2021

    Definitely heavy duty, definitely grab the rug or whatever you are hanging. Does pierce the surface like old fashion suspender clips with teeth, but for my purpose that was a major plus. (I hung several large plush rugs from the old fashioned picture rail in our Victorian house to create an acoustically dead room for voiceover recording.) An odd product you didn’t know you need, until you need it, and then it’s exactly the right thing.

  • 5
    Perfectly holds my 8x10 rug, soaking wet

    Posted by TMooreKajiwara on 26th Oct 2021

    These are EXACTLY what I had envisioned for attempting to clean my rug out back by hanging it from my patio cover. I drilled six of them to the underside of our patio cover to hang my 8 x 10 foot rug and I hung it from its 10ft side. Long story (below) short, I hosed that entire rug for a long time and the clamps held the entire time and are still holding. Now, I'm female, 5'5", 130lbs. So, needless to say, it was nearly impossible for me to lift the rug up the ladder to clip each corner first and then get the middle. This is a SUPER HEAVY, shag rug. So, I took some paracord, slipped it through the slit of one already mounted, clipped one of the extra clips near the corner of my rug, slipped the paracord through the slit on that one and pulled and pulled with all might until it got almost as high as the mounted one. I tied the paracord off. I did the same thing for the other corner. Then, I lifted the rug into the other four clamps I had mounted. Holy cow it was extremely difficult for little me to do all that. But, I hosed the entire rug in both sides, for a long time, and the clamps held the entire time. I just wish I had gotten started before the temperature hit the 90s.