RUG CLIPS 100 Pcs/Rug Grippers/Rug Holders/Rug Hangers/Rug Clamps by Wise LINKERS

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Brand: Wiselinkers

Color: Chrome Plated


  • PACK OF 100 HEAVY DUTY RUG CLIPS used to hang the rugs
  • Strong alligator Jaws offer a strong grip.
  • The rectangular base is to hold the rectangular rod of display stand..
  • polished chrome plated steel product
  • We do not compromise the quality while offering the cheaper product.

Details: The size of top portion of the clip is 1.25"X1.75". The jaws are strong enough to hold the heavy load of rugs. The top portion actually locks the jaw. It can be screwed to the ceiling or can be attached to a rectangular steel rod of 1'X1". Hanging part has a hole to screw it to the underlying rod or any other surface We are the manufacturer and can offer bulk supplies with design modifications with your logo.