Heavy Duty Rug Clips Matte Black Pack of 10



Heavy Duty Rug Hanging Clips Matte Black Finish

Heavy Duty MATTE BLACK Rug hanging Clips are designed to give a cool look while hanging the dark color rugs. The black coating on the clips made it weather proof and durable. These clips are used to hang the different sizes of rugs on a wall or on a metal arm. These rug hangers are used at home decor and at display stands in rug seller shops. A good quality rug hanging clips must have a cool look,  be easy to engage on the rod, easy for grasping the rug and easy to remove. Two important factors are the teeth of the clips that actually hold the rugs and do not damage it, do not allow slipping and the other important factor is the strength of the metal sheet of the clips that bears the whole weight of the rug for quite some time. Our clips are designed keeping in view all these factors. Our customer feed back helped us to develop such a product that gives us the pride to stand at number one in the market.

Please see the picture for the dimensions.

What should be the size of the rod to hang these clips?

The available space at the holding part is exactly 1.1″x 1.1″ that fits well over a rectangular rod of 1″x1″.

These clips can be hanged on square rod of 1″x 1″ or on a round rod 1″ or less than 1 inch diameter. You can used the given hole for screw to stable it.

Its’ alligator jaws offer strong grip to the heavy rugs and quilts. A  heavy rug of 14′ X 10′ feet may require 4 to 6 clips or more depending upon the weight of the rug.

How many clips do you need to hang a rug?

Please see this page to see the instruction about how many clips are need to hang a rug.

Do I have some other option similar to this product?

We also offer these clips in chrome finish. If your theme require some other color you can contact us. Please note we do not accept an order for less than 500 clips if you need a specific color.

Its teeth are design to offer a strong grip. If you think your rug is delicate and these teeth can damage it you should buy our other product names Soft clips.

If you want modification to this design please send us a picture of your design and we can work on it. A modification of these clips can be seen as wall clips in chrome finish and wall clips in matte black finish.

How can I keep my display rug stretched?

You can use our other product wall clips to keep the rug stretched from the other end. You can also use double clips if you want to hang another thin rod at the other end to keep it stretched.

What If I need in large quantity?

If you want to buy in large quantity you should click here to contact us and we will get back to you with the discounted sale prices and shipping charges.

What if I need less than 10 clips?

We do not sell these clips in a quantity of less than 10.

What will be the shipping cost of 10 clips?

The shipping cost of 10,20 and 30 clips will remain $9.75

We do not sell the rod or arm that is used to hang these clips but you can buy it from hardware shops.

Additional information

Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

Pack of 10, Pack of 50, Pack of 100, Pack of 150, Pack of 200, Pack of 500, Pack of 1000


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