How to hang an animal hide for display?

Hanging animal hides for the ornamental display has always been an issue for those who care about the hides. Most of the hides are displayed on a wooden board and need their vacuum cleaning over time.  People have been trying to hang the hides with the thumbtacks and pins and that sometimes works well. Whenever you need to remove the hide for cleaning or changing your residence, it is always a problem to remove and fix it back. Usage of thumb tacks is not a good idea because it damages the hide.  If wall hanging clips are used for this purpose, they are quite convenient for hanging the hide and easy whenever removal or cleaning is required. The beauty of wall hanging clips is, you can screw these clips in all the directions to keep the hide stretched. If you are using a wooden board, it should have a laminated sheet to avoid the water-absorbing effect to the skin. It would also protect it from any kind of fungus and smell. Wall hanging clips can be easily screwed on such a board. If you feel the skin is too delicate or too thick or may get damaged by the teeth of wall hanging clips, you can cover the hide with some piece of leather or thick cloth where the teeth of the clips are holding. The number of clips required depends up the shape and weight of the hide. A pack of six wall hanging clips is sufficient for most of the hides. If you need to stretch out the skin at the limbs, you may need another pack of six wall hanging clips to use on the extended parts. 

For the showrooms or where a hanging arm is used, Soft hanging clips can be another alternative. Soft hanging clips have the advantage of “soft hold” at the hide, grip it only by compression of rubber and have no damaging effect.

You can also paint on the wall hanging clips in a matching color to the hide to mask its appearance. A good idea is taking a color print of the hide and then pasting it on the wall clip’s front surface.